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This class is ridiculous.

Okay first off, let me mention that I've tried to take this IM class before. I had to sign up for it because it's a requirement for graduation. Why? I have no idea. It's a class that deals with user interfaces and have to create your own product with an effective user interface using Flash. I have no idea how to use flash. Basically after 3 classes I decided to drop the class and try again another time.

So I'm taking it again now but this time I'm taking it online. Hahaha and if I didn't hate the class before... now I REALLY hate it. The professor sucks. Like bad. really bad. He doesn't e-mail the online students AT. ALL. Basically, when you're enrolled in the online section of the class, you have to watch EVERY LECTURE online to even start to understand what the hell you need to do. And you're under a hanidcap when it comes to the projects because you're working alone and everyone in the in-class section was required to be in pairs because according to the professor, these projects take a lot of work.

So I've turned in two of the three projects so far. The submission deadline for the third one was for this morning at 10am and I totally missed it because I could have sworn the deadline was Tuesday. For most of my other classes, this wouldn't have been a problem since the submission link still stays open regardless.. but this professor locks the submission link so you can't access it. Meaning I can't even get to the description of what it was that I needed to do for this project since it was located byond the submission link. So I have no idea what the hell I'm supposed to do in order to even turn this thing in late.

And have I mentioned that he hasn't even graded the first two projects? The first one was due January 7th. Over a month ago. I have no idea what grade I got on it or if I even did the assignment correctly! This is especially upsetting since every project we're doing is very much related to the previous project, so if I screw up on one thing that means I could be screwing up on everything after that because I'm not getting any feedback to steer me in the right direction.

Oh and there are only 5 projects. Each of them being 15%, 20%, 20%, 10%, and 25% of my grade respectively.

Again, I need this class to graduate. This is not how a class should be run at all. I've read so many complaints about this professor about all the same things I'm complaining about now, so I don't know how he still has a job. AND HE'S THE ONLY ONE WHO TEACHES THE COURSE.
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Man, if I never have to do anything school related again, it'd be too soon.

Happy belated birthday, by the way!
Oh thanks! Same to you (:
good lord, that is awful. :/ you'd think the school'd do something if everyone was complaining about the class/him.