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A nostalgia bomb hit me as I perused through some old Livejournal RP journals I had YEAAAARS ago. I miss all of my RP friends ): I really wish I had kept in better contact with them. Seems like most of them have abandoned their LJ so I can't find any contact info anywhere. Not that I'm sure anyone would remember me anyway.. ):

Kris, Zoe, JL, Elise, Dani/Ash. If you're out there and you see this, let's be friends again? ♥ ;A;
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I know people who have me friended on Twitter and Facebook are sick of this already, but I really need this video passed around.

Regardless of how hard I've been trying, I'm still unemployed, so I'm trying to get money where I can. Right now I basically want money so that I don't have to hold back when buying Christmas presents for people. My family and all of my friends have helped me SOOOO much since I've moved out to LA and I'd love nothing more than to not have to resort to getting them dinky gifts. And if I happen to be one of the first to get as many as 50,000 views, I want to donate money I'll win to charity. Then whatever money is left from donating and Christmas shopping will go towards rent and feeding myself.

Sooo... yeah. I'd really appreciate if you view the video and pass it around where ever you can. If you can share it somewhere where it can get some high traffic, I will absolutely love you ever.
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It seem like every time I come back here, something is different with LJ.

Regardless, I'm back for one of my rare posts. It's pretty funny to think I used to post here at least once a day a few years ago.

But anywaaaaaaay. I graduated from college about 2 weeks ago. I was worrying myself a little about whether or not I could do it since I kept falling behind with my big animation project... but I managed to finish it. I'm not super happy with it... but I got a B+ and that's good enough for me.

Here it is, if you're interested.

I had my graduation party the day before I graduated. Pretty much only my mom's family was there, so I guess I felt that it wasn't anything too special. Especially since we all just sat around in my living room for the first hour or so.. but then I realized it was all a diversion to keep me out of the backyard so I wouldn't ruin a surprise set up for me.

So I was let into the garage after all of my party guests were situated in there. They were all huddled towards the back of the garage as I walked up to a big lone box sitting in the middle. I was told to open the box, but I couldn't help but feel a little suspicious. My first guess was that the big box was a disguise for a smaller laptop box or something.

I was at least right about it being a disguise for something because when I opened the box, I found Lucien sitting inside of it. My mom's sisters had pitched in to fly him to Chicago for the week of my graduation. I was pretty much beside myself, unsure of what to do at first, but I guess I had just let my body take over as I got on my knees to hug him while sit inside of the box. I'm surprised I wasn't crying at that point, but my sister said she had probably cried enough for me at the sight of me hugging Lucien inside of that box.

Apparently this had been planned way back when Lucien was in California.

On top of that surprise from my aunts, my mom and dad ended up getting me a laptop which I'm typing this from now. It's pretty nice too. If anything, I expected them to get me something in the $300 range, but they spent about double that.

So yeah... nice surprises all around. I was upset when Lucien had to leave last week. We won't get to see each other until I'm hopefully able to move to California in late September. He'll be making his move over there at the end of next month.

I was supposed to have a job at my mom's work for the summer which was going to help fund my move... but they haven't called back to say when I'm supposed to start... so who knows.
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We just put our oldest cat, Raja, to sleep. She was 16 years old and very much suffering. Mom told me that she died instantly and didn't even put up a fight because the vet said that her heart was so weak.

I kept telling mom that this should have happened sooner and she kept procrastinating it because she was in denial about how much pain Raja was actually in. But now that it's actually happened.. well, let's just say that I've been crying since yesterday evening about it. She's been with us for over half of my life. It's hard not to feel like a part of me is missing now, even if I didn't pay as much attention to her as I probably should have in her later years.

RIP Raj. Don't hate the other cats up there too much.
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Hello, everyone who hasn't deleted me because of inactivity!
(I frequent Facebook and Twitter (ericaaaaaah) a lot more these days, as I believe I've mentioned before)

I have a 4 hour break inbetween classes Monday - Wednesday, so I'm like.. dying of boredom. I wish I had my own laptop so I could actually be working on shit for class.

Anywho.. Spring Break was two weeks ago for me. I split the week between staying in Ithaca on the weekdays and New York City for the weekend. I finally met Lucien's parents and brother. They're pretty great (: I think his mom really likes me :>

I wish it had been warmer.. but I had a nice time overall. It might be a long while before I'm able to visit again.. blaaarg.

So last week, I started my last quarter of school. The schedule sucks, as I mentioned above... but ugh. I'm almost done. This animation project is killing me though. Waaah.

Sorry for any incoherentness... I'm hella tired. Need to grab coffee before class starts.. in an hour ;A;
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This class is ridiculous.

Okay first off, let me mention that I've tried to take this IM class before. I had to sign up for it because it's a requirement for graduation. Why? I have no idea. It's a class that deals with user interfaces and have to create your own product with an effective user interface using Flash. I have no idea how to use flash. Basically after 3 classes I decided to drop the class and try again another time.

So I'm taking it again now but this time I'm taking it online. Hahaha and if I didn't hate the class before... now I REALLY hate it. The professor sucks. Like bad. really bad. He doesn't e-mail the online students AT. ALL. Basically, when you're enrolled in the online section of the class, you have to watch EVERY LECTURE online to even start to understand what the hell you need to do. And you're under a hanidcap when it comes to the projects because you're working alone and everyone in the in-class section was required to be in pairs because according to the professor, these projects take a lot of work.

So I've turned in two of the three projects so far. The submission deadline for the third one was for this morning at 10am and I totally missed it because I could have sworn the deadline was Tuesday. For most of my other classes, this wouldn't have been a problem since the submission link still stays open regardless.. but this professor locks the submission link so you can't access it. Meaning I can't even get to the description of what it was that I needed to do for this project since it was located byond the submission link. So I have no idea what the hell I'm supposed to do in order to even turn this thing in late.

And have I mentioned that he hasn't even graded the first two projects? The first one was due January 7th. Over a month ago. I have no idea what grade I got on it or if I even did the assignment correctly! This is especially upsetting since every project we're doing is very much related to the previous project, so if I screw up on one thing that means I could be screwing up on everything after that because I'm not getting any feedback to steer me in the right direction.

Oh and there are only 5 projects. Each of them being 15%, 20%, 20%, 10%, and 25% of my grade respectively.

Again, I need this class to graduate. This is not how a class should be run at all. I've read so many complaints about this professor about all the same things I'm complaining about now, so I don't know how he still has a job. AND HE'S THE ONLY ONE WHO TEACHES THE COURSE.
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Man... I was just checking out old RP threads I used to do. So nostalgic. I miss RPing with my usual crew ):

I haven't RP'd in years. I don't really have the time to start up again even if I wanted to.

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