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It seem like every time I come back here, something is different with LJ.

Regardless, I'm back for one of my rare posts. It's pretty funny to think I used to post here at least once a day a few years ago.

But anywaaaaaaay. I graduated from college about 2 weeks ago. I was worrying myself a little about whether or not I could do it since I kept falling behind with my big animation project... but I managed to finish it. I'm not super happy with it... but I got a B+ and that's good enough for me.

Here it is, if you're interested.

I had my graduation party the day before I graduated. Pretty much only my mom's family was there, so I guess I felt that it wasn't anything too special. Especially since we all just sat around in my living room for the first hour or so.. but then I realized it was all a diversion to keep me out of the backyard so I wouldn't ruin a surprise set up for me.

So I was let into the garage after all of my party guests were situated in there. They were all huddled towards the back of the garage as I walked up to a big lone box sitting in the middle. I was told to open the box, but I couldn't help but feel a little suspicious. My first guess was that the big box was a disguise for a smaller laptop box or something.

I was at least right about it being a disguise for something because when I opened the box, I found Lucien sitting inside of it. My mom's sisters had pitched in to fly him to Chicago for the week of my graduation. I was pretty much beside myself, unsure of what to do at first, but I guess I had just let my body take over as I got on my knees to hug him while sit inside of the box. I'm surprised I wasn't crying at that point, but my sister said she had probably cried enough for me at the sight of me hugging Lucien inside of that box.

Apparently this had been planned way back when Lucien was in California.

On top of that surprise from my aunts, my mom and dad ended up getting me a laptop which I'm typing this from now. It's pretty nice too. If anything, I expected them to get me something in the $300 range, but they spent about double that.

So yeah... nice surprises all around. I was upset when Lucien had to leave last week. We won't get to see each other until I'm hopefully able to move to California in late September. He'll be making his move over there at the end of next month.

I was supposed to have a job at my mom's work for the summer which was going to help fund my move... but they haven't called back to say when I'm supposed to start... so who knows.
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