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Hello, everyone who hasn't deleted me because of inactivity!
(I frequent Facebook and Twitter (ericaaaaaah) a lot more these days, as I believe I've mentioned before)

I have a 4 hour break inbetween classes Monday - Wednesday, so I'm like.. dying of boredom. I wish I had my own laptop so I could actually be working on shit for class.

Anywho.. Spring Break was two weeks ago for me. I split the week between staying in Ithaca on the weekdays and New York City for the weekend. I finally met Lucien's parents and brother. They're pretty great (: I think his mom really likes me :>

I wish it had been warmer.. but I had a nice time overall. It might be a long while before I'm able to visit again.. blaaarg.

So last week, I started my last quarter of school. The schedule sucks, as I mentioned above... but ugh. I'm almost done. This animation project is killing me though. Waaah.

Sorry for any incoherentness... I'm hella tired. Need to grab coffee before class starts.. in an hour ;A;
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